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About Us

What business are we in?

ManagementWise  is in the business of providing customised corporate training and follow-up coaching and consultancy services for profit as well as for not-for-profit organisations to enhance human performance within their enterprises.

How do we enable our clients to achieve returns on their investment in training and development?

  • Needs Determination – we do this by working with our corporate clients to identify real organisational needs related to human performance, either individually or collectively. If some of the needs cannot be met with training solutions, we will recommend other solutions and other providers, if we do not possess the expertise to do so.

  • Customisation – the training materials will be designed to incorporate organisation-specific examples for training participants to work on so that there is relevance, connection and hence greater interest to learn.

  • Application – implementation on the job will aid internalisation by the participants of knowledge and skills gained if there is opportunity for on-the –job application after training. This will arrest learning decay so that training is not wasted.

    We advocate training to implement a system, process, structure or critical organisational value sets to reduce learning decay.

  • Results – we will work with your internal training specialists and accountable managers to establish results expected from training.

What value-added services do we provide?
Whenever an organisation has a large pool of personnel to train, we prefer to transfer the expertise we have ourselves acquired to key personnel in your organisation so that they can perpetuate what they learn to others.

We can certify them to use our materials to train others with, following the adage that “we learn best when we have to train others

These key individuals will learn  new competencies in facilitation besides the content to provide them with another career option in later years.

Who are our specialist resource persons?
We only assign training resource persons who are experienced managers and specialists who have worked for at least 15 years in functional operations before becoming a training professional.

They can therefore empathize with participants about operational and shop floor difficulties, issues and concerns.

What is our track record?
Our team has served organisations in the public sector, private sector and social sectors spanning government ministries, statutory boards, government-linked companies, Asian, US and European multi-national corporations, international organisations such as WHO and ILO as well as welfare and charitable organisations.

What do our previous clients say about our services?
We aim to achieve at least a 4 rating on a 5 point rating scale to consider ourselves as having met client expectations. We have achieved this for more than 90% of the programs we have designed, developed and delivered.

For comments on individual training professionals please see their bio-sketches and some key client comments on their quality of service.

The team will be anchored by Ong Teong Wan,  Managing Consultant, ManagementWise(International) Pte Ltd.

Phone/Fax: +65 64816882 .