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Results Management
Effective People Management
To Achieve Excellent Results

Published by John Wiley & Sons

This book addresses the need of line managers at all levels of the organisation to manage for commitment to results desired and achieve people productivity to meet rising payroll costs and retain talent.

It also aids top management to ensure that strategic plans are implemented well at the operational level. It provides the competencies for the organisation to implement a sound management system so that it can expand and yet have different entities, divisions and departments work cohesively as a team so as to compete better.

It aids newly-appointed managers to manage ex-peers or new direct reports assigned to them to obtain understanding and acceptance, if not commitment, to results desired.

The results management system advocated in the book is the vehicle for functional managers to manage with a systematic framework to deliver their products and services to internal or external clients and customers and be real partners to the enterprise.

Some reviewers' comments of the book are below.

An exceptional book culminating from decades of practical experience. Real-world examples are peppered throughout the book to fully demonstrate the ideas and strategies that the author presents. Its interactive delivery makes the book highly readable and effective in helping managers achieve results through and with people.
--Albert Cheng Yong Kim, Deputy Chairman, The Lion Group, Malaysia
Set within a company context and laced with real day-to-day challenges faced by managers, the book contains many practical ideas for all those involved in managing people to achieve results. Teong Wan provides down-to-earth approaches to put in place a management system to raise motivation and productivity. A book that makes for easy reading for the busy executive.
--Koh Juan Kiat, Executive Director, Singapore National Employers Federation
It isn't often a business book comes along with both sage and practical advice about how managers can improve business results, but Ong Teong Wan's Results Management does just that.  From developing a results management system to managing talented staff, the book is a superb, hands-on guide to managing and growing a business.
--Kevin McAuliffe, President, Newport Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
This book provides insights into one of the most pressing issues facing companies today…how to be more competitive by having a strong management system internally to enhance organizational capabilities so as to realize future success.
--Anthony Chong, Vice President, Human Resources, Asia-Pacific, Saint-Gobain (China) Investment Co. Ltd.
…down-to-earth invaluable practical advice on how to move from strategy to results management…for all Business Leaders and People Managers wanting to give a new strategic focus to the business by improving people productivity.
--Sanjiv Wijayasinghe, Director, Human Resources, Suntel Limited, Sri Lanka, and Former President, Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka Inc.