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Certification training is a process whereby a person is prepared, trained and authorised  to deliver programmes in specific subjects or content areas to others.

There are two parts to a Training Certification process.

Part 1 IMBIBE requires the intending candidate to imbibe or learn the content as a participant. The content will include concepts and skills as well shaping attitude towards the subject so that the enthusiasm in the subject can be conveyed.

Part 2 IMPART requires the intending candidate to learn how to impart or facilitate the learning of the content to a new group of learner-participants.

Learning how to impart by facilitating is best done in two stages. In the preparatory or micro-teach stage, the intending Certified Trainer will practise how to facilitate learning for a small group, usually comprising the same group of people to be certified who also just learnt the content.
Feedback is given to ensure clear understanding and grasp of the content as well in facilitation or method of delivery.

Having completed the preparatory stage, the intending Certified Trainer is more confident and ready to handle a new group of actual learner-participants. He or she is also observed and given feedback to fine-tune learning of content and delivery and develop greater insights in both areas of competency.

At the moment, ManagementWise(International) Pte Ltd only certifies candidates to conduct the Results Management System in-house for corporate clients of which they are employees, usually senior or key managers or those identified to fill leadership positions in future in the organisation. Training DVDís and book on Results Management will be provided besides Participant and Facilitator Manuals.

The Certification Programme has four one-day Modules:
Module 1. Establishing Individual Performance Measures
Module 2. Managing for Commitment, not for Compliance
Module 3. Diagnosing Performance Problems
Module 4. Reviewing and Appraising Performance

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