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Results Management System
DVD : Managing for Results (Production Manager)


To illustrate how the process skills are used to effect a results based performance appraisal cycle, based on the performance of a Production Manager.


  • Performance Management: Shows the common and effective performance coaching and counselling processes used. The vignette with sub-titles highlights the skills used in the coaching and counselling processes to reduce defensiveness.

  • Periodic Results Reviews: Shows how the superior conducts a periodic results review to discuss operational problems and gather data for year end appraisal.

  • Performance Appraisal: Shows how a non-confrontational annual appraisal discussion can be conducted with the subordinate self-appraising. Also highlights finer points for arriving at a final rating that is more likely to be understood and accepted.

How to use

As a training aid to help implementers and line managers learn critical skills to manage for results.

As a refresher for those who have attended such training before.