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  Peter Lee
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  Alwin Zecha

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Alwin Zecha

Alwin 'Marketing' Zecha has more than 40 years senior-level international experience, as a practitioner, lecturer / speaker and advisor of marketing in the U.S. Europe, and especially the Eastern Hemisphere region.

He's the founder and serves as Chairman &/or Board member of numerous entities, including the Pacific Leisure Group of Companies and Integrated Destination Marketing with offices in 20 Asia-Pacific-Gulf countries and affiliates Pan-Europe from the Nordic, Iberian regions to Italy and Russia; involving strategic marketing policy, product development, pricing, promotion and distribution.

Products and services he has been engaged in directly, range from consumer luxury items, land sea and air transport, broadcast programs, publishing, hotel / resort design and development, trade associations, travel / tourism; in both the public and private sectors.

He is an Economics graduate of Tufts University and received his M.B.A from the Harvard Business School and has worked and been resident in the U.S.A., Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Holland, the U.K., and is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Training Partner Areas of Focus
  Yeo Chet Tern - Results Management System
- Human Resource Management
  Mrs Kee Swee Huang - Results Management System
- Human Resource Management
  Peter Lee - Pay and Reward System
  Leong Siew Loong - Quality Service System and Processes
  Boyd Au - Entrepreneurship Development
  Grace Chow - Financial Management
  Jolynn Chow - Business Communications in English
  Wong Lim Loong - Project Management
- Materials Planning
  James Yip - Sales and Marketing
  (Consumer Products & Services)
  Alwin Zecha - Marketing and Finance
  (Travel Related Services)