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 The CoRees Team

  Ong Teong Wan
  Lee Yew Huat
  Robert Koh
  Chua Kwan Hwee, Andrew

 Our Partners

  Yeo Chet Tern
  Mrs Kee Swee Huang
  Peter Lee
  Leong Siew Loong
  Boyd Au
  Grace Chow
  Jolynn Chow
  Wong Lim Loong
  James Yip
  Alwin Zecha

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Our Teams


The CoRees Team comprise newly-retired and re-fired C-Suite business leaders from varied industries and businesses. They are ManagementWise (International) Consulting Partners and Certified RMS Facilitators, geared to assist organisations (profit and not-for-profit) to implement the Results Management System© that focusses on the Human Side of Enterprise Productivity.

They provide Consulting Advice at the Macro Corporate level, Group Training at the Operational Delivery Process level and Personal Coaching at the Individual Performance level to implement ManagementWise (International)ís flagship Results Management System.

Our Partners This select and functionally diversified group of Training Partners has been assembled for prospective clients with diverse needs. Their selection is based on their track records, the pragmatic quality of their training, their extensive operational experience, and the mutual respect and trust they have for each otherís expertise and professionalism.

Individually or collectively they are in a position to help organisations install or implement structures, processes and systems for values, concepts and skills learnt to be implemented operationally at the work place.

They are serving as a community of complementary practices to provide a one-stop resource centre for intending end-users of their programmes and services, be they in training, coaching or consulting.

Ong Teong Wan, as the organising partner, will deliver his services via ManagementWise(International) Pte Ltd.

Other Training Partners will provide their programmes and services either in their own right or through ManagementWise(International) Pte Ltd, depending on the clientís preference.

Fees are negotiated privately and personally by the Training Partners if they are providing programmes and services on their own for clients who choose a direct engagement.

Listed below are the areas of focus of the Training Partners. Details of their track records, client lists and testimonials can be viewed at their own websites, where available. Their bio-sketches follow from this page. Click on their names for the bio-sketches.

Training Partner Areas of Focus
  Yeo Chet Tern - Results Management System
- Human Resource Management
  Mrs Kee Swee Huang - Results Management System
- Human Resource Management
  Peter Lee - Pay and Reward System
  Leong Siew Loong - Quality Service System and Processes
  Boyd Au - Entrepreneurship Development
  Grace Chow - Financial Management
  Jolynn Chow - Business Communications in English
  Wong Lim Loong - Project Management
- Materials Planning
  James Yip - Sales and Marketing
  (Consumer Products & Services)
  Alwin Zecha - Marketing and Finance
  (Travel Related Services)