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Business and Interpersonal Communications

Programme Leader:
Ms Jolynn Chow

Internal and External Communication remains one of the critical success factors for individual as well as organizational performance. Poor communication has impeded productivity and caused business as well as talent loss.

When an organisation is in its infancy there is opportunity for frequent effective face-to-face communication but as an organisation grows larger, face-to-face communication gives way to written communication. This is exacerbated by the advent of technology which has expedited communications but not necessarily made them more effective.

Our Communication Programmes to enhance productivity, reduce fire-fighting and energy-dissipating emotions are:

  • Speak English with Confidence

  • EQ in Customer Relations

  • Presentation Skills

  • Writing in Response to Customer Complaints

  • Writing in Sensitive Situations

  • Grammar for Business Writing

  • Essential Communication Skills for Secretaries and Administrative Professionals

  • Effective Business Writing for Today’s Workplace

  • Effective Minutes Writing

  • Technical Report Writing