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Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

Programme Leader:
Mr Ong Teong Wan

The ability to recognize and solve problems remains a universal skill at all levels of management. The effectiveness of a manager or a professional/technical trouble-shooter is determined by how fast and how well the managerial/professionsl/technical person can pin-point the real cause of a variance and the creative solutions used to resolve a problem.

A useful process using the right and left brain is offered in this programme.

  • Common pitfalls in diagnosing causes of problems

  • Distinguishing between possible cause, probable cause and real cause

  • Being clear about a problem

  • Collecting and using relevant facts and information

  • Narrowing down to real cause in the shortest time possible

  • Verifying real cause

  • Generating solutions to solve a problem

  • Dealing with indecision

  • Logical vs intuitive approaches to decision-making

  • Often overlooked step in decision-making

  • Implementing decisions without creating more problems