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Effective Time Management

Programme Leaders:
Ms Jolynn Chow Mr Ong Teong Wan

Much of how we use time at work stems from habits of thought and of action. Effective time management revolves around how to develop new time-saving habits of thought and of action. Our programme also takes into account the present day pervasive use of the internet at work and its consequent consumption of time.

Habit-changing areas of the programme include:

  • Difficulties in managing time as a limited resource

  • Common Time-Consumers and Time-Wasters

    • Technology: The Internet

    • Human Behaviour: Procrastination, Interruptions, Distractions

    • Work Methods and Procedures: Communication, Organisation and Planning

  • Techniques for Overcoming Time-Consumers and Time-Wasters

    • Coping with e-mail, uses of the internet and tech-based job aids

    • Selecting the right mode of communication for each type of work e.g email vs face-to-face, written vs spoken, preventing miscommunication

    • Making written communication more effective to save time

    • Controlling meetings

    • Prioritising and the Principle of the Critical Few

    • Delegating: Self Control vs Control by Exception

    • Action Planning