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Programme Leader:
Mr Boyd Au

With uncertainty in the employment market and the trend towards contracting for service, more and more people are looking at entrepreneurship as a career option.

As with any field of human endeavour there is the perennial debate as to whether entrepreneurs are born or made.

Human capital developers like us believe that even though a small percentage of any population will have a natural talent for any field, there will be a large percentage who can succeed, if not excel, in any endeavour, if given exposure and training to fulfill a desire.

This programme will provide the basics for aspiring entrepreneurs and those who are already in and wish to avoid costly pitfalls.

Areas that will be covered will include:

  • Differentiating a Successful Entrepreneur from a Normal Entrepreneur

  • Generating Business Ideas

  • Evaluating and Exploiting Opportunities

  • Risk Recognition and Minimisation

  • Developing a Business Concept, Model and Plan

  • Funding Your Business

  • Launching Your Company

  • Pitfalls to Avoid