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Financial Management

Programme Leader:
Ms Grace Chow

Effective Financial management is necessary for an organization to create value for stakeholders. Financial performance is affected by decisions and action (or non-action) of all functions such as sales & marketing, supply-chain, operations, production and engineering.

We customize programs according to the profile of participants, corporate objectives, nature of operations, business model and risk profile of the specific organization. The following are some topics which have proven useful, which ca be conducted as stand-alone modules or as part of a wider financial management program:

  • Finance for non-financial managers

  • Understanding financial statements

  • Measuring & improving financial performance

  • Budget management

  • Costing & cost management

  • Working capital & cash flow management

  • Receivables management

  • Justifying sales & marketing initiatives with financial tools

  • Developing effective business plans / business cases

  • Managing business risks

  • Financial process improvement