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Managing Ex-Peers

Programme Leader:
Mr Ong Teong Wan

Newly-appointed Managers who rose from Professional/Technical positions often have to contend with getting ready acceptance from ex-peers so that work can be done.

How should they position and conduct themselves in this new management role to get respect and commitment from direct reports who were their peers before?

Some rely on their own professional/technical expertise to assert their new positional authority while others try to manage for compliance which often face resistance.

Basic people management skills to getting work done and through others still apply.

  • Difficulties that newly-appointed managers face with direct reports who are ex-peer or are complete strangers to them if they are external recruits

  • Recognising the difference between professional/technical work and management work

  • Common pitfalls in obtaining understanding and acceptance of one’s new found role and positional authority

  • Transactional analysis re-visited

  • Handling performance outcomes from direct reports that are above or below expectations

  • The art of listening and giving instructions

  • Handling conflicts of viewpoints, objectives, priorities and needs